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Discovering the power of Gamification in practicing Job related Soft Skills

In February, Erasmus Learning Academy trained the educators of its Italian Local Partner to discover the power of gamification applied to the topic of soft skills related to the labor market. During the Training they have deepened the contents, the objectives and the outcomes of the curriculum "Soft skills for the job market", analyzing and experimenting games and activities designed for the target addressed by SIGE project, that is low skilled people belonging to a minority at risk of social exclusion and marginalization due to the lack of key competences

To name one of the games we explored, in "Room 101" the goal of the competing groups is to identify a list of objects that were for team members not useful to the society, giving the players the opportunity to practice soft skills such as negotiation, decision making, team working and communication. We also explored the power of ICT tools to improve learners' engagement, motivation and participation. In fact Leaderboards, badges, team competitions and much more can be easily integrated into the learning process, adding fun and interactivity to quality and relevant content.

Grateful for the enthusiasm of the educators for this gamified methodology and for the outcomes developed by the project, we are looking forward to discovering the power of gamification in improving soft skills!


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