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TPM3: 3nd transnational project meeting (live meeting)International Strategic Meeting (M3)

Updated: May 17, 2022

2021 22-23 March – Miranda de Ebro


The third TPM was hosted by CFIE in the wonderful Miranda de Ebro, which welcomed us with its colors and culture. It was a pleasure to meet all partners in this beautiful country, that is Spain, and to have the opportunity to work together and transform our creativity into useful outcomes for the educational and social context.

The agenda of the meeting was:

• Up to date. Where are we?

• Feedback and Results/Lessons Learned

• Finalizing 01: Group Work

• Project management session

• Planning next steps (finalization of O1 and O2, translation, gathering questionnaires)

• Upcoming Meetings

The first day of the meeting the partners spent productively in getting up to date, reporting Feedback and Results and finalzing O1.

The hosts also organized a tour of the city, where the partners got acquainted with the beauty and history of Miranda de Ebro.

On the second thay of the meeting, partners had a project management session and planned the next steps on finalizing the project. After the meeting, the partners said goodbye until the next time.


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